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Asus MyPal A636 review

Asus mypal a636 preview

Pocketnow has published a review of the Asus MyPal A636 the Windows mobile pc with GPS capabilities from Asus. As we have mentioned in our earlier post, the A636 is powered by an Intel XScale 416MHz processor, has a built in SirfSTAR III GPS receiver and incorporates bluetooth and wifi. It has a 3,5″ 240 x 320, 65,536-colour LCD display and a fold out antenna. As expected, one of the its strong points is battery life, which was about 8 and a half hours with the GPS on. The most important problem reported was that the Destinator PN software that is included with the device gets sluggish with large maps. Despite this problem, that is expected to be solved with a future software upgrade, the verdict was in favor of the A636.

You can read the review here

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