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Benefon Twig, a new GPS Mobile Phone

benefon twig mobile phone with gps preview

Benefon, has announced a new mobile phone with full GPS capabilities. This new phone was created in co-operation with Navteq and is called Twig-Discovery. Twig-Discovery has a color TFT display with 256k colors to help you navigate using the preloaded Navteq maps, and it also supports voice turn by turn instructions.
Benefon is also launching what it calls the TWIG Services. These are divided in three Categories, Basic, Basic Plus and Advanced that will obviously have different charges.

Benefon will showcase the TWIG device at the 3GSM conference next week.

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2 Responses to “Benefon Twig, a new GPS Mobile Phone”

  1. 1
    kari viitanen Says:

    You forget the finnish brigth stars and first sea road cross contry

  2. 2
    jani Says:

    twig is one device, navicore is just a gps-receiver which needs a cellphone to work/navigate.

    you dont want use 2 devices if you can do it by one!

    (twig is revolutionary,see when Satelinx gps-watch is integrated to twig system,then you can track twigs display where watch user goes)

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