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CES 2006 throught the “eyes” of Nuvi 350

The 2006 CES is now over. The people at Garmin had the idea of creating a blog that would follow CES through the “eyes” of their all in one brand new GPS the nuvi 350. If you want to see how this little gadget experienced the 2006 CES drop by it’s blog.


Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305

garmin forerunner 205 305 preview

Garmin introduced two new products in the forerunner series, Garmin’s popular GPS-enabled fitness product line, the forerunner 205 and 305. These two new GPS devices have been completed redesigned (and imho they look much better). However, besides the new look the redesign of the forerunner series serves also some functionality purposes. The new design wraps the antenna around part of the wrist so that the GPS receiver has a better view of the sky while training.
Here are the specifications of the newcomers

    * GPS: High sensitivity SiRFstarIIITM architecture
    * Weight: 77 grams (2.72oz)
    * Display (WxH): 1.3” x 0.8” (33mm x 20.3mm)
    * Physical size (WxHxD): 2.1” x 0.7” x 2.7” (53.3mm x 17.8mm x 68.6mm)
    * Lap memory: 1,000 laps
    * Battery: Rechargeable internal lithium ion
    * Battery Life: 10 hours (typical use)
    * Water resistance: IEC 60529 IPX7 (submersible to one meter for up to 30 minutes)

    Specifications of the Forerunner heart rate monitor:

    * Physical size (WxHxD): 13.7” x 1.4” x 0.5” (348mm x 35.6mm x 12.7mm)
    * Transmission range: approximately 3m (9.8ft)
    * Battery: 3 years (1 hour per day) / CR2032 (3 volts)
    * Weight: 21g (.74oz)

You can read more about the forerunner 205 and 305 at Garmin’s site


Pharos announces Traveler 525 GPS

pharos traveler 525 gps preview

Pharos has announced the launch of a new GPS device the Pharos Traveler GPS 525. According to Pharos this new GPS device is the first ever and smallest GPS handheld with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth technology. 525 comes preloaded with top 50 U.S. metropolitan maps and Skype for Pocket PC.

The main features of this newly released device are:

    * SiRFstarIII GPS receiver
    * Processor: SC32442X 300 MHz processor
    * Memory: 64MB ROM, 128 MB SD RAM
    * Dimensions: 109.7mm (L) x 59.4mm (W) x 17.6mm (T)
    * Resolution: 240 x 320 with 65,536 colors
    * Expansion: SDIO expansion slot
    * Bluetooth version 1.2
    * 802.11b with 64-128 bit WEP standard data encryption
    * 512 MB SD card with maps of 50 major U.S. metro cities preloaded
    * Pharos GPS award winning Ostia 7.5 navigation software
    * Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth™ technology allows for high speed map downloads, access to real-time traffic information, and wireless access to the Internet, email, and corporate networks
    * Make free PC-to-PC phone calls using Skype for Pocket PC
    * Sync your Outlook™ Contacts and navigate directly to them
    * Millions of POI locations, such as cash, fuel, food, and hotel
    * Highly accurate and sensitive SiRFstarIII GPS receiver
    * Voice prompted, turn-by-turn directions
    * Landscape and portrait screen orientation
    * Three dimensional mapping perspective or 2-D overhead view
    * Easy-to-see color screen with durable windshield bracket mount
    * Compact size fits easily into pocket, purse or briefcase
    * Portable for use in personal, family or rental vehicle
    * Maps of the entire U.S. on CD
    * Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ version 5.0 software
    * Pocket versions of Microsoft software are included (Outlook, Word, Excel, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer for Pocket PC)

I have to admit that it sounds like a very interesting device, I guess we will have to wait for the first reviews.

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ChitterChatter GPS/phone by Hop-On

chitterchatter preview

Hop-On has released a phone that seems an ideal solution for parents that want to track their kids. Chitter-Chatter looks like a wrist watch, is lightweight and very affordable (less than 50$).

The ChitterChatter Phone allows kids to stay in touch with close family and friends, or send their location by pressing the one-touch star button

Some of the features of this little gadget include

    * Bands: Tri-band 850 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
    * Speed Dial: Mom, Dad, Home, 911 & 5 Additional Numbers; 7 Total
    * ChatTrack: Press the “Track Me” button to send the address of your location to Mom & Dad’s cell phones via SMS message.
    * Phone Book: PIN-Protected with up to 7 numbers
    * Call Block: Optionally rejects calls from numbers not in Phone Book
    * Polyphonic Ring Tones: Included
    * Location-Based Positioning System
    * Speaker Phone
    * Talk Time: Up to 2 hours
    * Standby Time: Up to 100 hours
    * Indicator Lights: Yellow, Red, Blue & Green

via PersonalTechPipeline


Globalsat announces TR-101 and the GH-600 series

Globalsat, a Taiwanese company founded in 2000 has announced two new GPS devices the TR-101 and the GH-600 series.

globalsat tr-101 preview

The TR-101 is a personal remote positioning device which has a built-in GPS and GSM modules. It is capable of transmitting the longtitude and latittude coordinates to your cell phone or your computer using the GPRS module. Using these variables it can pinpoint your location using a specific map software. It’s lightweight design allows you to carry it with you everywhere. The idea behind this little gadget is to serve as locator of children and older persons and of course for various others security reasons.

globalsat gh-601 gh 602 preview

Globalsat describes the GH-600 series:

GlobalSat GH-600series provide full-sealed, waterproof and Large LCD wrist watch device, as well as GPS navigation function with a physical training system. It is adopted for people who exercise for broad kinds of outdoor sport, such as Jogging, Running, Biking, Snow skating etc. Athlete can define a Distance, Speed rate, Time as expected training course to be achieved. Advanced model GH-602 provides the high resolution and accuracy Electronic Compass and Barometric Altimeter function.

This little’s gadget main competition is the Garmin Forerunner series.


Magellan RoadMate 800 firmware update.

Magellan has released an update for the firmware of the RoadMate 800 GPS receiver (v. 1.04)
This new firmware version resolves a number of issues.
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Verizon announces Cell phone navigation (VZ Navigator)

About a week ago, Verizon has unveiled a new servive that will allow everyone to have a navigation system with turn-by-turn routing and voice instructions within their cell phone the Verizon VZ Navigator. For more information read the very informative article from PcMag


Sorell NF1 – All in one

Sorell nf1 gps and mobile media player device preview

Sorell has announced a new handheld gadget called NF1. This little device tries to be an all in one solution since it plays movies, mp3 and it is also a fully functional GPS device. The Sorell NF1 has a 2.2 inch 260.000 colors screen. It is also equipped with 1 GB of flash memory. However that amount of memory seems insufficient for such a gadget that is supposed to be a portable media player and a GPS.


Sony announced NV-U50 and NV-U70T

Sony gps nv-u50 nv-70 preview

Although Sony hasn’t been really successful in the past with it’s first GPS units the the people at Sony seem determined not to withdraw from the GPS market.
The two new models announced are the NV-U50 and the NV-U70T. The first one is the entry level unit and some of it’s features include.

  • 3.5 inch touch screen
  • 80 degrees viewing angle
  • Preloaded maps of the UK, Ireland and Paris
  • TomTom like design
  • Two way speaker system

The NV-U70 has similar features but is also equipped with 1GB of RAM and Traffic support, a feature that is optional for the NV-U50.

A big plus is that is Sony is offering lifetime (of the product) Traffic support

These two new models are expected to hit the market in January 2006.

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