Haicom HI-505SD – Bluetooth GPS with SD Interface

Haicom HI-505SD

Haicom released a new Bluetooth (v1.1) GPS unit with an SD interface. The unit features a standard miniSD to SD adapter that allows users to use a miniSD card of any size. The unit is equipped with a 20 channel, high sensitive SiRF StarIII GPS module and doesn’t need a battery since it is powered by the device it is attached to. This hybrid of Bluetooth GPS and SDIO GPS has the benefit that it doesn’t tie up the SD slot of your device. The main disadvantage that this unit might have is the fact the it main drain the battery of the device that is attached to very quickly. Of course that is just speculation and we will have to wait for the first reviews to see if this is a better format than the traditional Bluetooth and SDIO GPS receivers or not. Finally, the device with the use of some optional cables can be transformed to regular GPS mouse.
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The Haicom HI-505SD is expected to start shipping mid-February with a price of $109.95

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