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Holux GPSmile53

Holux GPSmile 53 GPS

Holux GPSmile53 is another new GPS device from the Taiwanese company. This new entry to the the GPSmile series like it’s predecessors was built mainly as an automotive GPS and will come equipped with a TMC traffic receiver. It has a rather unique design that at first glance I didn’t really like (it looks too toyish) however that’s just a personal opinion.
This new device will use the SiRF starIII chipset. Some of the main specifications of it include:

    OS:Windows 5.0
    Processor: Samsung S3C2440A, 400 MHz CPU
    GPS Chipset: SiRF starIII
    Bluetooth hands-free-calling
    Waterproof:IEC 60529 IPX-6
    TMC Traffic Receiver

No further information have been made available yet for this new Holux GPS System.

Update, the GPSmile53 has been officially released and I have also updated the image of the post.

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