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Iternet i-Blue PS-3200 Bluetooth GPS

i-blue ps-3200 bluetooth GPS preview

The i-Blue PS-3200 is a Bluetooth GPS receiver that has one unique feature that sets it apart from the competition. It is equipped with a technology that it enables it to determine if a bluetooth device such as a PDA or Laptop is present and active and if there isn’t one it automatically falls to sleep mode increasing battery life. In addition to that whenever a bluetooth connection becomes available again the i-Blue PS-3200 wakes automatically.
A small extract from the manufacturerweb site:

When you use i-Blue PS-3200 for the first time, just power it up and place it under the windshield in your car. Anytime when you bring aboard your PDA or laptop computer with Bluetooth connectivity, i-Blue PS-3200 will enable itself for your navigating usage. Once you leave your car and take the PDA with you, i-Blue PS-3200 will go into sleeping mode. Assume a user uses i-Blue PS-3200 2 hours a day, he need not charge the i-Blue PS-3200 for two weeks. (Charging only takes 3 hours!) Users can also charge the i-Blue PS-3200 by DC cigarette lighter adapter.

i-Blue PS-3200 is so smart that using a wireless GPS receiver becomes easy and convenient ever than before!

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    Tigan Says:

    I bought one of these about two months ago. It is the most convinient and accurate GPS receiver I owned so far. The features do function as advertised. I am using this with TomTom Navigator 5 and Dell Axim X30 624 MHz.

    I am very happy with it and recomment it. I have more gripe with TomTom POI and Map accuracy.


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