Mexens Technology releases the Navizon API

Mexen’s Technology, the creators of the Navizon software announced today that they are releasing the API (Application Programming Interface) of the Navizon software. According to Mexen’s:

The API will make available the
positioning engine behind Navizon, allowing other applications to make use of
its dynamic geo-positioning network.

What does that mean for end users? Simply put, third party developers will be able to use the API for their own applications and make them Geo-aware. So we will probably see in the near features applications for mobile devices that will work differently depending on the location of the mobile device.

In addition to that they announced a couple of new features of the Navizon:

The Tracker allows members within a group to share their location with
other group members on an opt-in basis. This feature has been extremely
popular for businesses who want to track assets such as vehicles.

The Geotag allows members to post any information based upon a specific
geographic location. When other members will drive or walk nearby, they
will be notified of this post and the information it contains.

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