NAV ONE 2100 and 5000

Cobra has announced yesterday the release of two new portable navigation devices. First of all it announce the launch of NAV ONE 2100. Some of the features include 3.5-inch touch-screen, impressive temperature usability range (-4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit), preloaded maps from Teleatlas and the My Favorite Brands feature which provides information about the location of POI such as restaurants and cafes by brand (currently supports about 600 popular brands).
There is also an optional real-time traffic feature that costs $99.95 while the annual traffic service subscription fee will be $59.99.
The 2100 will become available sometime this May and will carry a price tag of approximately $350.

NAV ONE 5000

Another new device, the NAV ONE 5000 was announced. However, not much information are available yet other than it will have a 5inch screen and a slim design and some “exclusive features”. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what these “features” will be. This product from Cobra is expected in the third quarter of 2007.


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