Navman F30 F40 and F50 Coming Soon?

Navman F series
It appears that Navman is preparing 3 new GPS devices for it’s F series the Navman F30 F40 and F50. Let me first of all tell you how I found about these new GPS systems and why this isn’t just a rumor. From time to time I search using most big search engines for products that haven’t been announced yet. I guess the naming of these products by looking at the past naming trends of the company. Most of the times I find nothing but sometimes a company uploads information about the products and leaves these pages crawlable and search engines find them and if I am lucky I find them as well through the search engines. The pages where I found this information are no longer available but there is always Google cache (links at the bottom of the post).

UPDATE: Navman F30 F40 and F50 have been officialy anounced after just about 12 hours of this post :) .

Now back to the point. The details about these new GPS Systems by Navman that I was able to find are:

Navman F30

The Navman F30 will be the lowest end of these three new units as the naming after all suggests. It will feature turn-by-turn voice guided instructions, 3D moving map and 2D Mini map view while the software will include Tele Atlas 2006 and SmartST™ navigation software for Navman F-Series.
The hardware specifications will be:
Processor: Intel PXA 255-200MHz
Screen: Anti-glare high resolution 3.5” (89mm) colour touchscreen
Memory: 32MB Flash
Weight: 200g
Dimensions: 116mm x 79.5mm x 24mm
GPS Receiver: SiRFstarIII™
GPS accuracy: Fix to 5 metres 95% of the time

Navman F40

I wasn’t able to find any information about the features and specifications of the Navman F40.

Navman F50

For the top of the line system of the F series the Navman F50 I was only able to find a list of features. Which are:
Subscription-free, real-time traffic updates
Bluetooth connection to pair compatible phones for safer, hands-free calling
Large 3.5” touchscreen
Reliable, accurate GPS navigation with SiRFstar III™ technology
Nearest Fuel and Park buttons to alert you to the nearest petrol station or car park
Advanced Motorway Navigation
Route Summary View and Pause Journey functions
Spare SD card slot for additional maps
POI import capability, so you can add your own places of interest (POI), such as safety cameras, using the optional connectivity kit
Drive-Away™ so it’s ready to use out of the box
Automatic re-routing with Back-on-Track™
Pre-installed regional map
Wide range of accessories

A bit more information about these new devices you can find at the links below and of course even more and images when they are officialy announced.

Navman F30 Google Cache
Navman F50 Google Cache


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