Navman iCN 520 Review

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Volker Weber over at vowe dot net has posted a review of the Navman iCN 520, Navman’s upgraded version of the iCN510. Some of the key features of the iCN include:
iCN 520 key features:

· 3.5’’ high definition colour touch screen

· Downloadable speed camera locations

· Portable & user friendly

· 3D door-to-door navigation

· Voice-guided directions

· Rechargeable battery

Volker Weber reports:

What I am missing most is an advance A-B routing. How long would it take from point A to point B and how long is the distance. This feature has only been added to TomTom more recently so maybe Navman has something like this coming up.

Summary for now: Much better than expected. I will keep an eye on updates and new devices as they become available.

However, Navman at the iCN’s 520 page claims:

SmartST™ also provides deliver ongoing journey information including ETA (expected time of arrival), Distance to go for journey, Distance to go to next turn, Time to go and Miles/Km to go.

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  1. JMarkgraf June 15, 2006 at 12:25 pm #

    I purchased the iCN520 about a week ago online. This is my first “automobile” GPS unit. I read several reviews comparing tomtom, garmin, etc., and for the price, the Navman seemed like a great start. Even though Navamn is not marketed in the US even close to the others, the product features and price could not be thrown out.
    My unit came with a multitude of accessories including a 256MB base map SD card, SmartST 2005 software on 4 CD’s including all US state maps. I loaded 5 states on my card and still have room. The unit is small and very light; I could easily carry it around without trouble. The screen size at 3.5 in is perfect. A little trouble with glare, but with a scratch screen, that will be better. Now, the good stuff…this unit “rocks”, it has been flawless for directions, timely turns and overall accuracy. I like the male voice more than the female, merely because the female sounds more digital, the male is more life like and clear. The Features like POI are great, I could map out to all major places in my city. BTW – This does indeed do A-B, but you need to know how with routing. It will display upon selection, the speed, time, ETA etc.
    It also has settings for shortest distance, urban or highway settings. I mapped out a trip and could either take longer via the main highway or switch the unit setting and take a shorter distance with smaller highways.

    The battery life is good, about 6 hours I would guess and the suction to the window is right on, no problems yet.

    Overall I would say this unit is everything one would need and more. It may take a little more tweaking than some others, but I am not complaining at all.

    Price paid – $319 USD

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