RFMD Announces Software-Based GPS Solution For Mobile Devices

RFMD today announced a new software GPS solution the RFMD GPS RF8110. This new software is currently sampling to initial customers and will be publicly available in the Summer. RFMD GPS RF8110 will be showcased at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona.

Here is the Press Release.

RFMD today announced that the RFMD GPS RF8110 – the Company’s new software-based GPS solution – is sampling to initial customers. The RFMD GPS RF8110 is an end-to-end solution that enables the integration of high-performance GPS applications in smartphones, wireless PDAs, digital cameras, gaming devices and other battery-operated mobile devices.

The RFMD GPS RF8110 is a scalable and flexible solution, allowing it to be optimized for a wide variety of product platforms. The RFMD GPS RF8110 is based on a mixed-signal CMOS RFIC bundled with RFMD’s proprietary core GPS software.

“RFMD is committed to providing leading-edge GPS solutions to enable integration into our customers’ next-generation wireless mobile devices,” said David Lyon, vice president of RFMD’s Wireless Connectivity Business Unit. “Our initial target platform is Intel Corporation’s XScale processor, which is a leading applications processor in the smartphone and wireless PDA market segments. We have optimized our RFMD GPS RF8110 software for use on the Intel XScale family of applications processors, maximizing GPS performance yet minimizing the load on the applications processor.”

“RFMD’s mobile GPS solution is a step towards making personal navigation and location-awareness a desirable and must-have feature in mobile devices, and it leverages the Intel XScale(R) processor’s capability to enable and support new and compelling applications,” said Todd Altman, market development manager for Intel’s Handheld Platforms Group. “The widespread adoption of GPS-based applications in mobile devices requires a platform approach that couples low power and high performance with robust application development. The combination of RFMD’s cost-effective GPS solution with Intel’s XScale(R) technology will allow mobile device manufacturers to create differentiated devices.”

The RFMD GPS RF8110 is currently sampling to initial customers and will be in mass production in summer, 2006. RFMD will be showcasing its GPS products and other cellular solutions at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 13-16, 2006, in Hall 8, Stand B16.

As a software-based solution, the RFMD GPS RF8110 offers scalable performance depending on the required sensitivity, accuracy and end-user application. The solution supports push-to-fix, Location Based Services (LBS) applications as well as automotive and pedestrian navigation in outdoor and low signal strength environments.

The hardware component of the solution is a mixed-signal RFIC built in 0.18 um CMOS technology for low power and small size. The RFIC has a hardware accelerator on-chip to offload the system’s applications processor and to minimize the data transfer rate to the host CPU. Low power consumption is achieved through various hardware and software-controlled power save modes.

The RFMD GPS RF8110 software-based architecture allows for the addition of future functions, enhancements and customer-specific features on an as-needed basis. Designed to be used in “best-in-class” portable devices, this solution can be integrated into a variety of leading host platforms powered by ARM-based applications processors like Intel’s XScale processor, Texas Instrument’s OMAP, Freescale’s i.MX and Samsung’s S3C. It is operating system agnostic and supports a variety of mobile platforms including Linux, Windows Mobile 5.0 and Symbian. The RFMD GPS RF8110 supports both autonomous as well as standards-based assisted modes of operation.

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