RoyalTek staR : The ultimate entertainment GPS device?

RoyalTek staR

RoyalTek staR is a new GPS device that will be presented at the CeBIT this year. According to the announcement I found, it is described as the “ultimate entertainment GPS device”. Very few details are currently available. The announcement mentions that it has a 2.2″ LCD screen, a rugged IPX4 ready casing and some of it’s features include personal positional guidance, color mapping, waypoint logging, track recording, e-compass, calorie calculation, BMI, and distance/speed measuring, star watching and game playing. The two features that caught my eye are the calorie and BMI calculation. BMI for those that don’t know what it is stands for Body Mass Index which is calculated by dividing the weight (kgr) by the height (m) squared. Being a professional dietitian one thing that I can say for sure is that most people don’t find dieting entertaining :) . We will have to wait until the CeBIT to get more info about the specs and the features of the staR and whether it deserves the title it was given to it by RoyalTek.



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