Wonde Proud GPS-BT760 – Bluetooth GPS with Ultra Long Battery Life

Wonde Proud GPS-BT760 Bluetooth GPS

Wonde Proud GPS-BT760 is yet another bluetooth GPS by a Taiwanese manufacturer. To be honest I have never heard about this brand in the past but after some searching it appears that its products are distributed under the XAIOX brand in Europe. This latest GPS device is a standard bluetooth GPS receiver that is equipped with the 20 channel SiRFStar III GPS chipset. However, its biggest selling point is battery life. According to the manufacturer a single charge of its built in 2400mA/h battery can give you up to 55 hours continuous use to stand-by time up to several weeks. No word on pricing or availability yet but since Wonde will be at this years CeBIT we may be able to learn a bit more.

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