The Best Small Cat GPS Tracker in 2021

There is nothing more saddening than realizing your cat has gone missing. But gone are the days of missing cat signs hanging around the neighborhood. In this day and age, we have technology to depend on. Now, we can place posts on social media for missing furry best friends with impeccable results.

But it’s not just social media and the Internet that is connecting humans to their kitties. It’s GPS trackers, too. That’s right. Now, you can purchase GPS trackers to place on your cat’s collar. The GPS cat collar will ensure that even when your furry friend decides to high-tail it (no pun intended) out the front door, they won’t get far without being found.

A GPS cat tracker provides peace of mind for kitty owners. Yet, there are a lot of GPS trackers on the market. How can you know which one is right for you and your furry friend? Well, we’re breaking down the top cat trackers on the market.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Cat GPS Tracker?

There are a few things to consider when buying GPS technology for your cat’s collar. Included are the following criteria.

Criteria #1: Range

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider is the GPS tracking range. Traveling kitties that love to explore will require more range than others. If your cat tends to be more of a homebody, then range won’t be as important. Either way, you want to be sure the device can handle the GPS tracking needs of you and your feline.

Criteria #2: Monitoring

There are a few things to think about when we say monitoring. For starters, what type of cat monitoring does the device offer? Some have real-time GPS technology that updates every few seconds through Wi-Fi, while others do not. Some utilize Bluetooth to track your pet. Also, some have added monitoring such as health and activity. This helps you stay current on your cat’s well-being.

Criteria #3: Battery Life

The battery life of the device is essential to know. Some require battery charging every few days, while others can last a month or more. If you don’t want to worry about your cat’s battery needing a charge too often, then look at the device’s battery potential.

Criteria #4: Built-In Lighting

Some of the cat trackers on this list come with a handy built-in light. These are great for times when your cats have decided to go missing in the middle of the night. Some of the device lights will offer unique plusses such as flashing, which makes it that much easier to locate your lost pal.

Criteria #5: Extras

Are you looking for something simple, like a Bluetooth device, to stay up-to-date on your cat’s locations? Or do you want a superior device with plenty of extras? More expensive models will offer specialties like a free subscription, access to veterinarians, or the ability to be used worldwide. If you want all the features you could ever dream of, then make sure to find a device that offers these.

Criteria #6: Subscription

Almost all of the pet trackers on this list use apps that require a subscription. While the app and subscription make it easy to keep your eyes on your cat at all times, some are pricier than others. Take a look at the price of the subscription when looking at the trackers. Some are free, while others may charge a small fee, typically around $5 per month per subscription.

Criteria #7: Price

When it comes down to it, price is always going to be a factor in a buy. If you want to buy a budget-friendly model, you can find a few on this list. If you’re willing to spend a bit more for added features, be prepared for a higher price tag.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Cat GPS Tracker

When it came to finding the best products to track your cat, we took a look at features and price. We also read and valued real reviews from actual customers. Together, we came up with the top 5 list of the absolute best cat trackers on the market.

#1: Loc8tor Pet Tracker (Best Value Cat Tracker)

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Touted as America’s #1 Pet Tracker, we had to add it to our list of top 5. Aside from being from a prominent name in the cat-tracking biz, it’s also notably a great value. Compared to the features, the price offers the biggest bang for anyone looking to track their cat in countries worldwide. If your cat goes missing, you can feel confident in the Loc8tor Pet Tracker. Here’s why.

  • Superior accuracy. This cat GPS tracker is known for having superior accuracy. In fact, it determines the location of your cat with as little as a 1-inch differential. This is all thanks to the state-of-the-art RF-based technology instilled in every cat collar. It’s better than any GPS tracker you’ve used before.
  • No subscription fees for the app. No one wants to spend extra money to keep their cat safe. Well, the Loc8tor ensures you don’t have to. There is absolutely no monthly subscription fee for the app. Just pay the one-time fee and rest easy.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use tag. The microchip weighs only .175 ounces, making it a great option for cats of all sizes, shapes, and weights. It’s even easier to install the microchip on your cat collar, which means less time struggling and more time live tracking.
  • Works indoors or outdoors up to 400 ft. Whether your cat is an inside or outside cat, it doesn’t matter. This tracker works both indoors and outdoors with a range up to an impressive 400 feet.
  • Audio and visual cues. When on the hunt for tracking your cat, you are given audio and visual real-time cues to help you along the way.

#2: Whistle Go Explore (Best Cat Tracker)

Looking for the best of the best? Well, you might need to pay a bit more for added features. If that’s okay with you, then let me introduce you to the Whistle Go Explore. This is the top-of-the-line cat tracker that any cat owner will love to own. Here are some of the reasons why we ranked this as the best.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product: Real-time Location Monitoring Up to 3,000 Miles

Staying up to date on your cat’s location is key when your car ends up going missing. So, the Whistle Go Explore ensures that their cat GPS tracker includes real-time location monitoring. You are regularly alerted to your cat’s whereabouts, no matter where they end up. You can also designate safe locations and be notified when they leave them. The cat tracker works up to an incredible 3,000 miles.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product: Monitors Health, Nutrition, and Activity

Another benefit of these cat trackers is they are designed with other health, nutrition, and activity monitoring. Here, you will learn more about their overall activity and calories and behaviors such as licking and sleeping. This gives you a good indicator of how much food your cat should eat, and you will be notified of any health concerns on the app.

Reason #3 to Choose This Product: 20-Day Battery Life

The last thing you want to worry about is the battery dying on your tracking device. Well, the Whistle Go Explore has an impressive battery. The battery lasts up to 20 days on a single charge!

Reason #4 to Choose This Product: Built-In Nightlight

The built-in nightlight is an added convenient feature of this cat GPS. Choose between three different levels of brightness. Opt for flashes when necessary, including slow and fast. This can help you find your furry friend even in the middle of the night.

Reason #5 to Choose This Product: On-Demand Veterinary Help

Another helpful feature found on the Whistle Go Explore is the on-demand veterinary assistance available through the Whistle subscription and app. Right from your phone, you can get help from professionals and have your questions answered by an expert – without the costly and lengthy vet visit.

Reason #6 to Choose This Product: Waterproof

Concerned about a wet climate? Don’t be. The Whistle Go Explore is entirely waterproof. So, you can still get your cat’s GPS location without worrying about a thunderstorm standing in the way.

#3. Tractive LTE Tracker (Best for Worldwide Cat Tracking Use)

If you’re planning on moving around to the other side of the globe, you need a cat tracker that can work anywhere. For the travel enthusiast or those who have to move often for the military or a job, the Tractive Tracker is a perfect pick. Here’s why.

  • Live tracking and location history. For busy felines, staying up-to-date is a must. That’s why cat owners love the fact that they can track their kitty location in real-time. Plus, you can see where your cat’s traveled to recently thanks to the location history feature.
  • Define a safe area for your cat. If your cat leaves the designated approved area, the owner is notified immediately. Keep your cat out of danger with this unique cat tracker!
  • Activity monitoring. This cat tracker also comes with activity monitoring. Here, you can stay current with your cat’s overall health and fitness levels.
  • Worldwide tracking. It doesn’t matter where you end up in the world. This cat tracker is ready to work in over 150 countries worldwide, easily managed from the free Tractive GPS app.

Although this tracker is mainly marketed for dogs, it works for most feline friends as well.

#4: Cube Smart Tracker Bluetooth (Best Low-Cost Cat Tracker)

On a budget? You don’t have to resort to posters around your neighborhood. The Cube Smart Tracker is a budget-friendly choice that gives you peace of mind. Here’s why we love it for a cheap option.

  • Easily attached. The Cube Smart Tracker weighs only 0.388 ounces and can be easily applied to anything – including your cat’s collar.
  • Replace the battery once a year. The battery life is crazy on these GPS trackers. You only have to replace the battery once a year. That means less time worrying about a dead device and more time knowing where your cat is at all times.
  • Bluetooth-enabled. This particular GPS location tracker does not rely on Wi-Fi. Instead, location tracking is done using Bluetooth. So, whether you are near or far, you can press find, and the cube will ring.

#5: BARTUN LTE GPS Tracker (Best Unlimited Range Cat Tracker)

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Some cats are avid travelers. For those cats that want to see more than the cities surrounding them, you need a cat tracker to handle their inquisitive nature. The BARTUN LTE GPS Tracker is a top-notch choice. Let’s take a closer look at everything it has to offer.

  • Real-time tracking and location history. This is another excellent choice for real-time tracking with the option to see the history of areas your cat’s visited. It can use a variety of applications, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS positioning.
  • Geo-fencing. Having the ability to designate safe areas for your cat and be notified when they leave means that you can worry less about your cats. Define safe areas and save them when they leave.
  • Built-in Smart LED lights. LED lights are also installed in the BARTUN GPS tracker. The LED lights will help you see better if you need to hunt for your kitty at night.
  • Worldwide tracking with unlimited range. These GPS trackers can be used worldwide in over 150 countries, much like the Tractive GPS. The major benefit to this specific tracker is that it can track cats with no limitations on the range. Now, your cats will never be out of reach.
  • Health and activity monitoring. Another feature is the health and activity monitoring of cats. With this specific monitor, you can check their mileage and calories burned. You will also stay current on your pet’s overall health, no matter where they are, through the app.

Verdict: Your Best Cat GPS Tracker

We decided to make it simple to find the pet tracker that’s right for you:

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Loc8tor Pet Tracker.

If you need a worldwide pet GPS tracker, consider the Tractive LTE GPS Tracker.

If you want to keep the spend under $50, pick the Cube Smart Tracker Bluetooth.

If you want unlimited range, choose the BARTUN LTE GPS Tracker.

When it comes down to the safety of your cats, having a GPS tracker is imperative. You can use it to see what your cats are up to or use it to find cats that may have gone missing. They are convenient for home cats and outdoor cats alike.

The most important thing is to make sure you find the kitty tracker that is right for you. While you can’t go wrong with any of these trackers, try to find one that suits your specific situation.

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