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ViaMichelin X-930 Reviews Roundup

Since the ViaMichelin X930 started shipping to the USA at an extremely affordable price of just $199 I thought it would be useful to gather all the reviews that I could find in one place for easy reference. We have previously posted about the ViaMichelin X930 Review by pocket-lint, but since then more reviews have [...]

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Intellinav All-in-one Navigation

Intellinav is a company that produces Navigation software that if I am not mistaken it was rebranded and distributed as iGuidance by iNav and Routis by Deluo. I appears that they also decided to enter the GPS market with the Intellinav All-in-one Navigation. This unit uses the SiRF Star III GPS module (20 channels, WAAS [...]

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Globalsat GV-370

A new personal navigation device from Globalsat has been released in the US market, the Globalsat GV-370. The GV-370 has all the features that we have learned to expect from the latest GPS units. It provides door to door navigation with voice guidance, 2D and 3D map views, and an integrated mp3 player and photo [...]

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Holux GPSmile 53

Holux has posted information on its website about a new GPS Unit targeting the automotive and personal navigation GPS market, the Holux GPSmile 53. Like the previous models of the GPSmile series it is equipped with the SiRFstar III and feature a 3.5″ screen while it is powered by the Samsung S3C2440A, 400 MHz processor [...]

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SANYO Easy Street NVM-4070 and NVM-4050

Sanyo announced today two new Portable Navigation Systems, the Easy Street NVM-4070 and the Easy Street NVM-4050. As the naming of the devices suggests the NVM-4070 is the higher end model of the series. The additional features of the NVM-4070 compared with its little brother are: Real-time traffic data available through the Traffic Message Channel [...]

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DMedia G2

dMedia is a Taiwan based company that has released in the past a few GPS devices such as the dMedia G3 and dMedia G4 and has received a bit of press attention when it presented a GPS ready phone the F2 that from what I can tell hasn’t been released yet. It appears that dMedia [...]

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LG LN790, LN740, LN735, and LN730 GPS navigators

Engadget reports that LG has prepared four new GPS devices for the US market that will be showcased at the CES. These are the LG LN790, LN740, LN735, and LN730 GPS navigators. All four of them will be equipped with the SiFR Star III chipset and will come preloaded with maps of the USA and [...]

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Clarion N.I.C.E 430

Clarion has announced today a new handheld Navigation In-Car Entertainment (hint that’s what the N.I.C.E stand for) with integrated GPS. Some of its features include a 4.3″ screen, a built-in SiRF Star III GPS antenna, 1GB internal memory and SD card interface, music player, image viewer and finally it should be mentioned that it is [...]

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Atlantis X-7000

Atlantis X-700 is a portable automotive GPS device with a 7inch screen by JJC (JJ Communications). Although not a really well known brand this GPS appears to have more than adequate features (at least on paper). Some of the features include door-to-door GPS voice guidance (18 different languages), MP3 player, 2D or 3D view with [...]

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Pharos Drive GPS 140 and 135

Pharos has recently announced two new GPS devices, the Pharos Drive GPS 140 and the Drive GPS 135. Both of them come with build in maps US and Canada, the Pharos OSTIA navigation software an MP3 player and a picture viewer. The DRive GPS 140 is the higher end model as the name suggests and [...]

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