Garmin Nuvi 200, 250 270

Garmin nuvi 200 250 270 There was a rumor posted that Garmin was to going to announce a new line of Nuvis at the 2007 CeBIT this month, the Nuvi 200. After a bit of searching I found that Garmin’s Danish site has already pages for three new GPS Systems, the Nuvi 200, 250 and the Nuvi 270. To be totally honest I can’t seem to find what differences this new line will have from the previous Nuvi systems and autotranslators don’t work that well. If any Danish speaker could help us find out what new features will these new PNDs have, it would be great. Of course we can also wait for the CeBIT that is just around the corner.

Nuvi 200
Nuvi 250
Nuvi 270


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