GPS Golf Caps and Visors – Skykap Advisor

Skykap Advisor GPS Golf caps
SkyKap LLC presented at the PGA Merchandise Show a rather unique and interesting new Golf GPS accessory, GPS enabled Golf Caps and Visors that will help you improve your Golf game :) . The name of this unique GPS Golf aid is Advisor. This new accessory is completely hands free operated and is controlled with voice commands. If you are afraid that during a windy day or in high noise spots the Advisor won’t pick up your commands or that someone might sabotage your game by shouting the wrong commands, fear not, since sound is picked up from bone conduction and as a result Advisor is unsusceptible to wind noise and side chatter as it only “hears” the wearer. The GPS data collected by the cap are continually tracked against the map of the selected golf course in order to calculate the distances to green leading/center/trailing, water bunkers and fairway boundaries and whisper them in your ear upon your “voice” command. In order to download course maps from Skykaps website you will have to connect your hat to your PC’s USB port. The product hasn’t been released yet as far as I can tell and there is no information about pricing for the caps or the course maps services.

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