Holux GPSmile55

Holux GPSmile55

Holux will be presenting yet another new device at the 2007 CeBIT, the Holux GPSmile55. Very few information is currently available and the only image that I could find is the tiny image on the left. Something that a lot of people are probably going to like is the fact that it has a larger screen compared to the other Holux GPS Systems. The GPSmile55 will have a 4.3″ with with ultra-wide viewing angle and in addition to that it will also feature an automatic light sensor technology that will adjust the screen depending on the ambient light. From what I can see from the picture above Holux is definetely moving in the right direction as far as design is concerned.

Holux GPSmile54?

Holux GPSmile

This is a bit of speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised if Holux also releases another device called GPSmile54. The reasons that I believe this is a possibility are two. First of all I don’t see the reason why after the GPSmile53 that was announced last month they would jump to 55 and the second reason is the picture on the left that I found on Holux’s website, of GPS unit that doesn’t seem to be any of the known Holux’s GPS systems (at least from what I can tell from the tiny image. I guess we will have to wait until the CeBIT to find out.


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