Magellan CrossoverGPS (2500T)

Magellan Crossover GPS
Magellan CrosoverGPS or 2500T as it will be called in North America was announced at the London Boat Show. It is a device that is designed for use both in the car but for boating use as well.

Some of the main features include

  • A 3.5 inch color touch-screen display
  • Dimensions are 12.5 x 8.5 x 2.6 centimeters and weight is 235 grams.
  • Voice-and text-prompted turn-by-turn driving directions
  • IPX-4 water proof
  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • Multiple outdoor navigation screens and fields: compass, altimeter, distance to destination, cross track error (XTE), estimated me of arrival.
  • A Sports Guardâ„¢ sleeve, for easy gripping and extra protection

It is expected that it will cost less than £300 in the UK (about 550$).
For more information you can read the Press Release or visit its page at Magellan’s site

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