Mainnav MW-705 – GPS Watch with Optional Bluetooth

MainNav mw-705 GPS watch
MainNav, the Taiwanese GPS manufacturer that recently released the MG-920 Bluetooth GPS receiver with an FM transmitter is releasing another interesting GPS product, a GPS watch with optional bluetooth. The watch looks kinda bulky and it’s size is 69 x 55 x 28mm (I couldn’t find how much it weights). Nonetheless, it’s an interesting concept, a GPS watch that can also be used as a bluetooth GPS receiver. Inside the watch resides the high sensitivity SiRF Star III LP chip that is responsible for tracking the wearer’s location. The system also features a digital heart-rate, speed and distance and a temperature sensor. Finally it is waterproof as expected for most systems that are mainly for outdoors use and is equipped with a Li-ion 400mAh battery. Although, I like the concept behind the MW-705 (and kudos to MainNav for not just producing cookie cutter products) my two reservations are it’s design and the battery life when using the optional Bluetooth (v2.0) module. Whether we will see it in Europe and the USA depends on whether western distributors decide to bring it to us.


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