Mio C210 and Mio H610 – Two new dedicated GPS devices

According to the previous report we mentioned about the new Mitac’s Mio products from Mobinaute, Mio in addition to the P350 ans P550 is going to showcase two new GPS devices the Mio C210 and the Mio H610.

Mio C210 picture

The Mio C210 that you can see in the image above is will be using the SiRFStar III GPS receiver. Its form factor looks a lot like the TomTom GPS receivers and Sony’s latest NV-U series. The C210 will come preloaded with European maps from Teleatlas and will be using Windows CE .Net 4.2.

Mio H610 picture

The Mio H610(pictured above), besides it’s navigation capabilities is reported to also have multimedia features. According to the report it will be able to playback both movies and music. Like the C210 it will use the SiRFStar III GPS receiver and Windows CE .Net 4.2. It will come preloaded with maps of 25 European countries and tourist guides. Finally it is said to have an impressive battery life of 17 hours.

There are no reports yet about the hardware specifications of these two devices.

It looks like Mio is trying hard to become one of the major players in the GPS market in the years to come.

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