Navman F30 F40 and F50

Navman F30
It only took less than a day to verify my previous post about the new Navman GPS systems including the Navman F30, F40 and the Navman F50 was right. Navman has now posted details about the new F Series systems on their site.

The tech specs of the F30 are the ones we have posted about earlier. The main difference of the F30 compared to the F20, Navman’s first model of the F series is the subscription-free, real-time traffic updates (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands).

The Navman F40 has also similar specs but also has a Bluetooth connection feature (to pair compatible phones for safer, hands-free calling) and 1.5GB of integrated memory with European maps preinstalled in addition to what the F30 has to offer. However, it lacks the subscription-free, real-time traffic updates.

Finally the Navman F50 combines what the F30 and the F40 have to offer in one device.

What I like about the product pages of these GPS Systems is that they all contain the following:

The Fxx contains a wealth of features previously only found on much more expensive GPS navigation systems.

The pricing of these systems is:
F30: £199
F40: £229
F50: £249

Official Announcement

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