TeleType GPS WorldNav 3000 XL preview

Teletype worldnav 3000xl preview

Teletype has announced a new 3.5-inch color touchscreen automotive GPS navigation system, the WorldNav 3000 XL. The 3OOOXL following the current trend is also capable of playing mp3 files from SD or MMC cards.
Some of its main features are.

    High resolution touch screen (3.5″ TFT LCD 320×240)
    GPS guidance with voice prompts
    12 Channel High Sensitivity GPS
    Intel XScale processor
    MP3 Player
    512 MB internal storage
    Secure Digital/MMC slot
    USA maps (50 States)

5 Responses to TeleType GPS WorldNav 3000 XL preview

  1. Oleg Popov December 24, 2005 at 3:10 pm #

    I love the unit. It is super easy to use. I used to use pocektpc with TomTom
    WorldNav is much easier
    They have ability even to find address from the phone number. Price is almost half of Garmin

  2. Robert Harris January 15, 2006 at 1:11 pm #


    Well before Christmas we begin shopping (spec’s&features) for automobile GPS’s. The comparative searching –[ BrandsXmodelsXfeatures+Spec’s] = has about worn us out!!!

    The search has been narrowed to: Magellan – Lawrence, and a – ‘new competitor’ – the (Teletype Co.) WorldNav 3000XL car GPS.

    Something to ponder… With “excellent” time tested products to choose from like Garmin (outed by their $$$ prices), Magellan & Lowrance, WHY! would anyone pick a new “unknown” product????

    One reason!!! WorldNav’s excellent, “everything-illustrated-AtoZ” . “The ((fewest)) questions left looking for answers-“ *WEB Sight!*

    Every feature & spec. of the 3000XL GPS was explained, every screen illustrated, including review of their picture-detailed users Manuel should you want even more feature demonstrations.

    Our search would have likely been over long ago had the other GPS brands devoted as much attention to demonstrating and EXPLAINING their products – as they did trying to simply SELL them. (I’m sort of glad they didn’t now).

    Let me summarize this way – I was also much impressed with both the Lowrance 350c and the Magellan 500 & 700 introduction. But, I was left with an overwhelming feeling that I still needed to “actually see” the operation of both their units demonstrated…

    I didn’t leave having that same “unsatisfied feeling” about the WorldNav 3000XL after touring through their product website. It felt “familiar”, and that works for me.

    Robert G. Harris

  3. Gil January 21, 2006 at 4:46 pm #

    This is great feedback. I am between the Magellan 760, 700, Garmin 340, and World Nav 3000 premium edition. Can you or anyone who has use the World Nav product give me feedback on how well it works.. Does it freeze, etc…

  4. Mike January 30, 2006 at 9:11 pm #

    I purchased the World Nav 3000 XL and I find it easy to use. I use it for business travel throughout the New England States, which is what I have loaded onto the GPS unit. One nice feature is the use of Points of Interests. This allows me to save each of my customer’s addresses by name, making them easy to find for future trips. The standard unit has plenty of room for the areas I have downloaded.

    Loading the route can sometimes take longer than I would like. I have had to wait up to 15-20 seconds or so. This may be longer if you have the whole US loaded (??) Not sure if this is true or not. I know some of the more expensive system only takes a few seconds.

    The only thing I have found that I find frustrating is that sometimes abbreviations are used and the search function has trouble locating an address if you do not use the correct abbreviation. For instance, if you were searching for South Main St…it may be in the software as S Main St. If you type out South….it will not find it. Just little things like this I have found, but mostly I find it easy to use. I also have not had luck with the phone search so far, but I have only tried it a few times.

    The voice commands are pretty good, (male computer voice) but the voice is not the best quality. I have found this true for most systems. I am told they are working on new voice updates.

    You can route via three options, Quickest route, Shortest Route and Avoid Highways. I wish there was an alternate route button you could press if you get stuck in traffic, but currently the only way to do this is to manually change your route type and do it that way. It is not a big hassle, but a one button “alternate route” would be better.

    Hope someone finds this useful.

  5. Brad May 16, 2006 at 8:39 am #

    I got a WorldNav3000 yesterday (5/15/2006) and tried it out. It had a nice screen, and clear vocal directions. But in many cases it selected a suboptimal route to nearby destinations. When I tried to navigate to work using it, it got me onto the freeway correctly (although the vocal instructions were sometimes confusing on the complicated texas feeder roads). But at the destination, it messed up, and made me miss my exit, and then got confused.
    Rerouting is also a bit slow, unless you use the manual rerouting button, when it is somewhat faster.
    I am not sure I will keep it because if it does things like miss exits, I am not sure I can trust it.
    mapquest, by the way, gave the correct route.