XROAD V7 is another impressive GPS/DMB/PMP/HTF/KLP/MNG (please note some acronyms are imaginary) do it all system coming from Korea (although I doubt it will ever come our way). It features a 7″ TFT-LCD touchscreen (800*480 WVGA), a 500MHz processor by AMD (Alchemy Au1200), SiRF III GPS chipset and 128MB RAM (DDR2) 2GB SD card. The unit has also a Picture-in-Picture feature (they call it Navi-in-Picture) that allows users to watch TV while navigating. The fact that the device has a number of multimedia goodies is of course no surprise, V7 supports the playback of DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, and WMV video, as well as music files. Finally it has an FM transmitter and is powered by a 4200mAh battery and probably has a lot more features that I can not read or autotranslate because they decided to post all the information in the form of images and my Korean are a bit rusty.
V7 costs around 630$

Product Page


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